Video of a Woman Giving Birth

Henrietta's Birth Video

I love seeing a good video of a woman giving birth – there are too many bad ones in our society. There is too much television and too much drama – we deserve to see the “real deal” and that’s what I’ve put together in this collection.

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Nola’s Birth

Lovely waterbirth. Mother is giving birth in hands and knees position.

Henrietta’s Birth

This is an excellent video of a woman giving birth. A waterbirth – watch as the mother giving birth spirals her baby out!

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Bad Birth Position!

Hospital birth showing the absolutely most counter-intuitive position for giving birth ever thought of! Being forced to give birth on the back makes things harder for mother and baby!

Peaceful Birth

This is an absolutely beautiful video of a woman giving birth in water. Love the mix of still shots and video – you see the baby’s actual, peaceful birth.

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