Stopping Pain in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Imagine waking up in the morning without pain, without your hips popping, without your back aching! Would you feel more confident about birthing, about mothering your baby? How would it feel to know you can run after your tot as easily as when you were a kid yourself? You can end the pain and enjoy life again!

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Primary Exercise

This is the core exercise to start bringing relief to the pain. It may be hard at first, but it should get easier and you should start to notice relief within days!

Using a Birth Ball, Good Posture, Good Neck Posture

This video covers how to watch your body’s alignment and keep it as healthy as possible 🙂

Elevator Technique

Note: This video may still be uploading and not yet available

Hip Work On Blocks

This technique from Katy Bowman is a nice way to align your pelvis while standing.

Adding Movement Into Your Day

A few ideas for adding more movement into your day!

Hanging from a Door

You won’t be able to do this while pregnant, but it may help postpartum or if you’re preparing to TTC 🙂

Resources Mentioned in the Class

Julie Tupler’s Diastasis healing resources

Nutritious Movement – Katy Bowman’s site (I highly recommend her “Movement Multivitamin” program as a gentle way to start adding more movement into your day.

Katy Bowman’s Pregnancy resource page

Katy Bowman’s resources on setting up your working and living spaces to encourage healthy movement

Esther Gokhale’s resources be sure to check out all the wonderful photographs of good alignment she features!

Belly Wrapping

This is a good alternative to splinting as you get farther along in pregnancy and the splint is no longer comfortable.

Click here to read the full article on belly wrapping

Pain-Free Baby Holding

A couple of videos from Katy Bowman on holding your little one without pain!


Did you enjoy the class? I know you're interested in having a healthy baby and a great birth, so I know you'll find it both practical and inspiring 😀

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