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As you know, these are tough times to be a parent…

…you don’t have to look very far to see that the latest “parenting trends” aren’t doing much for your little ones. Yet, at the same time, many of “yesterday’s” methods don’t seem to fit either.

That’s why I’ve put together a complete library of conscious, aware, and relationship-centered parenting classes…

…and I want you to have it as my gift 🙂

To raise little ones today, you MUST know your options, what the research says, which advice from previous generations you should keep (and what you should ignore), how to keep your child intelligent & curious (and respectful)… and how to take care of yourself as a parent so you can do the awesome work of guiding your child for the next 18 years… These are some things you need to have in your parenting toolbox:

  • Sleep (for your kids – and for YOU)
  • Nutrition
  • Keeping everyone healthy
  • Encouraging good development
  • Choosing toys and activities
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Starting solids
  • Keeping a (reasonably) clean house
  • …plus juggling all of the above (and more)!

And now you’ll have them all in one place, just waiting for you when you’re ready (up at 3am? So is your library!).
Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside the smart mama club 😉

  • The truth about starting solids: do you really need to start at a certain age – and should you go with purees or baby-led solids? Feel confident that you’re picking the right meals… and raise a little food who loves a variety of tastes and textures
  • How to get breastfeeding off to a smooth start – avoid cracked nipples, mastitis, and back pain (plus meal plans to build a milk supply so rich you’ll think it’s cream!)
  • Handle sticky situations with friends and family with grace, and maybe even a little humor – so your mother-in-law respects your parenting choices… and likes having you around.
  • The real deal on sleep: from newborn to toddler and beyond. Skip feeling like a zombie and enjoy a well-rested child (Bonus: he’ll get to enjoy a well-rested – and much more playful – mom!)
  • Just how smart are our babies and toddlers? Set boundaries that both respect your child’s independence, and her intelligence and desire to be part of a community… so you can stop running interference and enjoy life as a parent!
  • Balancing risk vs. learning – how you can keep your baby safe while fostering development, tenacity, and a willingness to try new things
  • Why gentle routines and respectful schedules are tools you may want to consider – and how to customize them for your family (so you can lose the stress and have fun with a cheerful little one)
  • Thinking it’s time for baby #2? This is what you should consider – and how to prepare your older child for the adventure of being an older sibling
  • Is using elimination communication really worth the hassle vs. the benefits?
  • What makes the biggest impact when it comes to keeping your little one’s environment toxin-free? Should you really go for stainless steel and glass – and how can you make the switch to environment and budget-friendly cleaners?
  • How do you know if your baby or toddler is “normal?” Detailed information that really helps – even if your tot is the first “little kid” you’ve ever been around!
  • Solid strategies for finding time for yourself – while meeting your child’s needs (plus tips for balancing you-time with a growing family)
  • You knew you wanted to breastfeed your new baby – but what does breastfeeding an older baby or toddler look like? How to set gentle limits that give your (bigger) baby all the benefits of breastfeeding while keeping the experience enjoyable for you
  • Essential wisdom: This is the groundwork you must do during toddlerhood so your little one grows into a responsible child and young adult – and both of you feel like the lines of communication are strong
  • Keeping the house (reasonably) clean while mothering your children (so your house feels like a home… andyour home feels like a haven…)

Here’s What You Get

So what do you get? Smart Mama, Happy Baby is just getting started and big things are coming. Because I want to make this something that works for REAL mamas and daddies, as a Charter Member you get to help shape what Smart Mama, Happy Baby becomes. Here’s what I’m working on:

Exclusive, online classes on the topics YOU want to hear about

Weekly Q&A calls – every family is unique, so these calls give you the chance to get personal advice on any situation with your baby or tot

Video Library – covering baby & toddler care; handling your newborn, getting elimination communication off to a good start, and more!

Audio library – with expert interviews, holistic parenting perspectives, and more

The Mama’s Almanac – your year-by-year guide to your child’s early years. Everything from how to care for your baby, gear guides, to FAQ’s for each age and stage

Mini-courses – These bite-sized courses cover what you need right away: soothing a fussy baby, starting solids, creating rhythm and routine at home, meal planning, sleep stages, and more

Complimentary eBooks – Helpful books you can refer to over and over. Some titles in the works are: “40 Toddler-Approved Recipes,” “Busy Bags for Your Tot,” “Pets and Baby,” and “Conscious Parenting”

MamaMD – This is where you get your degree in baby & child health. First aid, a full “Field Guide” to common health issues during pregnancy + parenting, and a Glossary (medical lingo made easy) are all on the way!

Age & Stage Profiles – Know what’s going on with your little one every month – from conception to preschool!

Meal Plans – Seasonal, allergy friendly, freezer cooking, quick & easy, breakfast, lunch, and dinner – your order for a mealtime made easy is on the way (along with tips to make mealtime = happy time for you AND your tot)

You’ll tell me what you want – and I make it happen. I’ll be adding more every month, and bringing in experts on topics like essential oils, natural remedies, encouraging optimal development, holistic parenting, and more – so Smart Mama, Happy Baby grows right along with you and your baby 🙂

Happy Kids = Happy Parents: Here’s How To Do It

You’ll also get practical wisdom to keep your little one… yourself… and your whole neighborhood happy:

  • How to handle the stress and anxiety of the newborn stage (discover how to really listen to your new baby – he’s got a lot to say!)
  • Toddlers come primed and ready to learn – here’s how you can help your tot discover her world… and learn how to be kind, courteous, and helpful to those around her
  • Relax and feel confident as a parent (you’re not alone on this journey!)
  • Being a great parent is about making the right decisions for your family: these are key issues for you to think through as you prepare for your baby – and as he grows
  • How to read all the parenting advice out there, pick out what works for your family, and grow your intuition while you’re at it 🙂
  • Calm and soothe your cranky newborn (so you both get some sleep)
  • Understand and work with your own emotions so you feel free to embrace motherhood (and find time to embrace other aspects of your unique self)
  • Tried and true advice to keep your kiddos content and happy – plus a sure-fire strategy to help turn a rough day around
  • Baby gear recommendations: what you need, what you don’t, what’s nice to have, and how to figure out what works for you (without buying a truckload just to try!)
  • Get your toddler to eat – and enjoy – what you cook
  • Bonus: how to make it through toddlerhood without the constant snack habit that’s making so many tots a little too chubby
  • Sifting through the oodles of advice out there so you feel bold enough to take what’s good – and throw out what’s bad (even if you’re feeling pressure from family)
  • Master getting out and about – with baby and tot in tow
  • Sensible advice (with a look at the science, too) – facts, tips, and how-to’s that really recognize that everyone’s baby – and everyone’s circumstances – are different

How to Get Started…

When I first started planning Smart Mama, Happy Baby I wanted to create several different membership programs so you could “pick and choose” what looked right to you:

  • Weekly Baby Q&A Call: $47 a month
  • Weekly Toddler Q&A Call: $47 a month
  • MamaMD: $47 a month
  • Mama’s Almanac $37 a month
  • Meal Plans: $13 a month each
  • Monthly eBooks: $19 each
  • Monthly mini-course: $67 each
  • Age and Stage profiles: $19 each

That’s a huge value at $331 a month…

…but too much for a growing family to pay 😉 That got me thinking – what if I combined everything into a comprehensive membership club just for mamas (okay, daddies can visit too!)? I could pull it all together and discount it by 70% – only $100 🙂

Then I realized I really want to help mamas as possible – and for that I needed to get mamas into the club!! Because it’s important to help as many mamas as I can, I took another 70% off to make this the most accessible membership club as possible at $19.97 🙂