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Are You Scared You Can’t Handle Labor Pain?

Learn to handle labor pain naturally...
...even if you feel nervous (or scared!) of giving birth

You're Totally Rocking Your Contractions...

The worst part about giving birth naturally - and the moment that I and my clients hate the most - is when active labor hits full force.

You’ve been working with the contractions.  You may not be super comfortable, but you’ve gotten into a good rhythm. You’re working with your body and baby. You’re handling the contractions and taking a break between them.

...and then Active Labor Hits

  • The contractions. Just. Don’t. Stop.
  • Suddenly there is no break and your legs are trembling…
  • ...your entire body is shaking 
  • You feel queasy, you can’t catch your breath, and your knuckles are white as you desperately cling to whatever’s closest to you
  • You’ve tried and you’ve tried (and you’ve done pretty well!) but this… this is more than you can handle
  • You’re ready to give it up and scream for the drugs, anything to take the edge off, to give you a break

Sound like what you’ve heard before? Do you ever worry about those kind of contractions as you plan for a natural birth?

I understand… because I’ve been there myself.

You’ve got fears an anxieties and you’ve heard so many “horror stories” about birth that you worry you’ll give up trying to give birth naturally.

I can totally relate - I’ve gone through natural birth 8 times.

It was intense, but thankfully, I knew how to deal with the contractions, stay calm and in control, and have a natural birth…

Let me share how you can handle that intense, powerful, and definitely not impossible part of giving birth. Trust me - if I’ve done it 8 times, you can do it too…

What If I Told You You Can
Handle Labor Pain - Even Transition?

Yep, you can have a natural birth without having to go through a lot of pain (and without getting any pain medicine).

Before you start thinking “that’s impossible for me,” hear me out.

Through my own 8 natural births, countless hours of study, assisting other women at their births, and helping thousands of women through my childbirth classes, I’ve discovered how women can handle labor pain and give their baby the natural birth they want!

It took my own 8 babies and helping a lot of other women to figure out what works in most births, but I discovered what works consistently for all birthing mamas.

The secret? Practical techniques you can quickly learn, easily practice, and actually use in the middle of the toughest contractions.

I can help you handle anything labor throws at you, no matter where you’re giving birth, just like I’ve helped hundreds of other clients.

My track record speaks for itself. I’ve helped over 5000 women (and their partners) prepare to handle labor pain over the last 15 years.

I can proudly say that my students and clients have the BEST results with handling labor and birth (as far as I know) - my customers say so!

So if you want to…

  • Handle labor - from start to finish - without drugs
  • Stay calm and focused (even during transition)
  • Push your baby out as smoothly and easily as possible

…you’re in the right place :)

Introducing the Smart Mama's Guide to 
Handling Labor Pain

The Smart Mama's Guide to Handling Labor pain is a complete class on how to handle everything that labor brings - naturally.  You'll know exactly how to handle labor pain, what to do in early labor, what to do as things start to get more intense, and even how to handle transition... without an epidural.  This video/audio class covers what to do to reduce or stop pain all together, how to get a slow labor moving, and how your birth partner can help you through it all.  Helpful handouts tell you exactly what to expect during each stage of labor - and what to do to stay calm and confident through it all.

You Get My All - I'm Here to Help

When you purchase the Smart Mama’s Guide to Handling Labor Pain, you don’t just get real-life techniques to handle each and every contraction… You also get the best of ME :)

I'm personally invested in your birthing journey because I know what it’s like to face labor, birth, and the transition to motherhood, and I want to help you have a smooth, easy natural birth.

I’ve had all eight of my own babies naturally (including a 10lb 10oz boy!)…

…and I’ve been helping women like you give birth naturally for 15 years.

My years of experience talking to women, teaching childbirth classes, and assisting mamas at births have shown me exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to get through labor without pain medications - at home, hospital, or birth center. And my own eight natural births have given me a unique chance to try many different techniques and find what really gets you through labor smoothly, quickly, and easily.

I know the ups and downs you’ll face, and I’ve incorporated my years of experience and wisdom as a childbirth teacher, midwife’s assistant, mama of eight into the Smart Mama’s Guide to Handling Labor Pain.

When you enroll, you get access to my tried-and-tested strategies that I’ve used for years to help mamas give birth with no labor pain medications. I’ve used these exact strategies to help 1,838 clients discover natural techniques for labor pain relief.

You also get the Labor Playbook (printable version included), the Start-to-Finish Guide to What Labor Really Feels Like, my guide to navigating natural hospital birth, and a printable cheat sheet with the 11 top techniques to really handle labor and birth :D

Who Is the Smart Mama's Guide to 
Handling Labor Pain Naturally For?

This is for you if you want specialized guidance as you
prepare to give birth naturally.

You know you want proven, real-life techniques that actually work; you know you want step-by-step guidance to have a smooth natural birth. You don’t want to figure this out by yourself because you know the fastest way to be calm, confident, and prepared is to get help from a mentor who has already done what you want to do.

This is for you if you believe natural birth is best for you and your baby:

This is a key belief you need to have if you want to give birth naturally, because it gives you the commitment you need to prepare before birth - and the willingness to actually use these techniques during your labor. The techniques work - but only if you’re actually committed to using them!

This is for you if you’re worried that you might
“lose it” during labor!

I’ve created this class specifically to help you feel confident going into labor - ready to handle anything that comes and totally prepared with what to do if things get tough.

Who is the Smart Mama’s Guide to Natural Labor Pain Relief Not For?

This is not for you if you’re not ready to take action.

You are someone who doesn’t procrastinate. I’m looking for mamas who are action-takers, who don’t keep second-guessing themselves (too much!) and are able to make decisions that will serve & help them and their babies.

I know that your baby is close to your heart, and being intentional about taking action to create the best life for them is important - and having a smooth natural birth is a great start!

This is not for you if you believe birth is natural - so there’s no need to do anything to prepare.

Unfortunately, I cannot work with women who have this mindset.

Here’s the thing: Mamas who have this belief are often unable to ultimately have a natural birth because they end up getting blind-sided by the intensity of labor.

The correct perspective to have if you want to succeed is to know that YES, birth is totally natural, but just like women train for marathons and mountain-climbing, giving birth naturally takes some preparation - and when you prepare, the reward is way, way better than finishing a marathon or reaching a mountain peak!

I know this is off-putting for some, but after my own 8 babies and helping thousands of women, I really believe that honoring your body by trusting that it CAN do this and that it's WORTH IT to prepare is the best route to go <3

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This paragraph here is to explain how your online course works. Tell them what exactly will happen after they sign up. Do they get access to all of it straight away? How much time will it take them to complete the course? What result will they get at the end?

Practical techniques that really work (really fast) for managing pain in labor

Proven steps you can take right now, during pregnancy, to make your birthing time go smoothly

Understanding this tip means lower pain levels throughout labor

How to use hot (or cold) to bring instant relief

Two little “panic buttons” that bring effortless relief during contractions

Add this daily habit it for a happier pregnancy, easier labor, and a better bond with baby

Use this easy “cubed hack” to make contractions feel quick and manageable

Why waiting to go to the hospital means a faster, safer labor with less pain

How to choose who will be with you during birth (hint: this makes a HUGE difference between birthing naturally or feeling like you have to get the epidural)

What contractions really feel like, and what to expect from the start to finish of your baby’s birthing

Which positions can double or even triple your pain levels (and which positions bring sweet relief!)

How to handle the dreaded back labor… plus keep your sunny-side-up sweetie sliding down and out

This “forgotten key” is your ticket to a smoother, easier, less painful birth (this is the most practical, most powerful technique I’m going to share in the entire class)

How to find the perfect partner for your birthing time (no matter where you live, what insurance you have, or how nervous your hubby feels!)

Think you can’t have your baby naturally? This fact will convince you that you can

Which breathing techniques banish pain (and which are totally useless)

Exactly what to do if you “lose it” during labor (hint: it’s not yell for the epidural)

The 6 little words I repeated over and over during my own speedy natural births


That's Not All... You Also Get...

Birth is personal - your birthing time is as unique as you are.  That's why I've put together bonuses that help you have the birth experience that's perfect you and your baby.

Bonus 1
Navigating Natural Hospital Birth

After 15 years of helping others to have a natural hospital birth, I've realized that it is pretty difficult to give birth without interventions in the hospital without any dedicated guidance.

So I've recorded a class to show you how to navigate natural hospital birth to help you out!  You no longer have to tear your hair out trying to figure out how to handle labor and the hospital... I'll tell you exactly how to do it with this step-by-step bonus class!

Bonus 2
How to Handle a Long Labor

In this "tell-all" bonus class, I reveal the biggest insider secrets to handling a long labor (naturally)...

...and what you can do to speed things up.  These are techniques I've discovered over the past 16 years of helping other mamas give birth naturally.  

Unlike other classes, I don't hold back anything from my students because I want you to have a great birth no matter what.  These are the exact techniques that midwives and experienced mamas use to get labor moving and to have a smooth, ecstatic natural birth - the things that most birthing classes never tell you!

Bonus 3
Perfect Printables for Your Birthing Time
  • 11 Proven Steps to Labor Pain Relief (Printable)
  • Top 5 Techniques Real Mamas Use While Birthing Naturally (Printable)
  • The "Labor Play-by-Play" (a clear sneak peek into how a natural labor really works)
  • The Labor Playbook (plus accompanying video series) - this practical printable is invaluable during labor.  Your (very helpful) birth partner will thank you!

Here’s what people are saying about the course...


New Mama

Reassuring to Learn How to Achieve This!

I read some books and took some other online classes/webinars that complimented it but I was very glad you provided such helpful info for a reasonable price.  I really wanted to give birth naturally and did research about where to find information on how to get through the pain of labor.  

Having never given birth at the time of watching the class, it was reassuring to learn concrete ways to achieve this.  I recommend your website to any of my friends who become pregnant and are interested in a natural birth.  

Thanks for your wonderful courses, blog, and podcast!  FYI - I have birth to my son naturally last June.  I keep receiving your emails since I plan to have more kids in the future.


Expectant Mama

It's Helping Us Prepare Together

I'm committed to having a natural birth because I believe it's best for me and the baby. But I didn't know exactly where to start with mental and emotional and physical preparation for labor.

My baby isn't due until early 2021, so I have a lot of time to practice what I learned. My husband watched the class with me and the information you presented confirmed a lot of what we'd read in other sources as well as gave us new ideas for preparing together for welcoming our baby together. I really loved how the class included my husband as part of my support team.

Thanks for all you do! You are an encouragement to me as I look forward with mixed anxiety and hope to the big day!

Kristen Who?

Hey, I'm Kristen!  The Smart Mama's Guide to Handling Labor Pain Naturally took me over 3 months to put together...

...Here's more about me and why I'm qualified to help you handle labor pain - naturally!

  • Writer and teacher at
  • Blogging about birth n' baby for 15+ years
  • Childbirth educator and student midwife
  • Social media following over 20,000 followers
  • Featured on What to Expect When You're Expecting's Natural Birth Tips, Modern Alternative Mama, and PBS Parents
  • Mama to 8 babies born with no pain medications
  • Served over 5,000 women and couples through my birth and baby classes

Some fun facts: I am a Christian and a homeschooling mama to 7 of our children (with one homeschool graduate in college!).  I'm also a tech geek and I love looking at video reviews of the latest and greatest computer stuff ;)  I adore sushi and gathering my family for long (and sometimes chaotic) conversations around the dinner table.  If I'm not up to my ears in wife/mothering/homemaking tasks, you'll probably find me curled up by my window with a good book <3

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need for this?

A little progress each day leads to big results.  If you have a couple of hours to spare per week over the next couple of weeks, you'll do great!

2 weeks from now, you could feel calm and confident about handling labor pain (plus you'll know how to handle a long labor and a natural hospital birth).  You don't want to stay stuck in the same situation you're in now on your due date - unsure how to handle labor and everything you'll feel during contractions.  

In fact, Handling Labor Pain Naturally saves you time because you're not running all over the internet trying to pick out a tip here and a tip there.  

Instead, you'll be confidently preparing for a great birth!

Will this work for me if I’m going for a VBAC?

This works for VBAC mamas!  In some ways, you’re similar to a first-time mama and labor may last a little longer (just as it would for a first-time mama).  These techniques will help you.

Regardless of the reason for your prior c-section, you can work with your baby and use these techniques to handle labor with this new baby.  In fact, these techniques can help you feel more confident about keeping your labor moving smoothly.  You’ll know how to keep your body soft and open so your baby moves through smoothly - and what to do if things feel “stuck.”    These techniques work at home and at the hospital.

How long will I have access?

You have lifetime access to the materials, so you can go through now and review us you get close to your due date.  Plus, it’s here for you if you’re planning on another sweet baby in the future!

Will this work for first-time moms?

Yes - if you’re a first-time mama and you’re wondering if this will work for you - I’ve got news for you - you need to prepare for labor and birth.  I 100% believe in your body’s ability to give birth naturally…

…and this class will help you do that.  Think about - an athlete trusts that her body is going to do what she needs it to while she’s performing.  She believes in it so much that she invests time and energy in preparing.  You can do the same thing as you prepare for your birth.  You may not have experienced labor before, but many mamas have, and you can use these techniques and skills to handle your contractions like a pro <3

Why is this so affordable?

Answer: I know, it’s not much - but I’m really wanting to reach as many mamas as possible with this important class.  Having more mamas who feel confident in labor means a better start for more babies.  Mamas and babies are my passion!  Plus, if you enjoy this class and get a lot of value out of it, you might come back for my full childbirth class.

What should I do if I need more support?

You can feel free to email me anytime - I'm happy to help!

Get Instant Access to How to
Handle Labor Pain Naturally Now!

Get instant access for $27 today :D  

Once Again, Here’s a Summary of Everything You Get Inside How to Handle Labor Pain Naturally

  • Handling Labor Pain Class ($67 value)
  • 11 Proven Techniques fof Labor Pain Relief ($20 value)
  • The Play-by-Play Guide to Natural Labor ($37 value)
  • The Labor Playbook & Video Series ($37 value)
  • Navigating Hospital Birth Class ($67 value)
  • How to Handle a Long Labor Class ($67 value)

This packed-full, super-mama offer is only $27

Are you ready to feel confident about labor and birth with the How to Handle Labor Pain Naturally class?

You’ll get everything you need to quickly feel confident and prepared to handle labor pain - naturally!

  • Handling Labor Pain Class ($67 value)
  • 11 Proven Techniques fof Labor Pain Relief ($20 value)
  • The Play-by-Play Guide to Natural Labor ($37 value)
  • The Labor Playbook & Video Series ($37 value)
  • Navigating Hospital Birth Class ($67 value)
  • How to Handle a Long Labor Class ($67 value)

Feel Prepared for Labor

I'm confident that The Smart Mama's Guide to Handling Labor Pain Naturally will help you feel more confident and prepared for labor.  While I can't guarantee a perfect natural birth, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the class materials and the stress it will save you.

I run a tiny online business and customer satisfaction is very important to me.  No customer is too small to matter to our family!  I don't want to take your money if you are unhappy.

If you're unhappy with your purchase, contact me within 30 days for a full refund.  All the risk is on me!

You can do this!

You can do this!  Handling labor pain naturally may seem almost impossible, but it’s 100% worth it.  You give your baby - and yourself - an amazing start when you have a natural birth.

If millions of mamas around the world have been able to give birth naturally, WHY NOT YOU?  You can do this, and by enrolling in the Guide to Handling Labor Pain Naturally, you’ll gain access to all the guidance you need to handle labor and birth without stress - or pain medications.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, especially with the often-negative birth messages we hear today… so I hereby give you permission to step up, take action, and say, “WHY NOT ME? I CAN TOTALLY HANDLE LABOR AND GIVE BIRTH NATURALLY!” Because you CAN do this!  I’ve helped hundreds of clients before you discover how to handle labor and delivery like a pro, so you can too.

You deserve this!  Let’s get started right now on your journey to a smooth, natural birth.

Feel Calm, Confident and Ready for Labor