Smart Mama’s Guides

What Your Baby Thinks, Feels, and Wants
In this class we'll discuss the newest research and what it tells us about how babies develop in the womb[...]
Natural Fertility Supplements
This class will cover not just the what and why, but also the science behind supplements, and how to pick[...]
Here's what the evidence really says about vaccines. This exhaustive (and highly requested) class will help you feel more informed[...]
Taming Tantrums Forever
Full of practical strategies that really work for high-needs kids. This class will show you how to do more than[...]
Parenting Your Spirited Toddler
Full of practical strategies that really work for high-needs kids. This class will show you how to do more than[...]
Juggling Two or More
Sometimes trying to juggle a newborn and a toddler feels like it's impossible. How do you balance the needs of[...]
Intentional Mama’s Guide
Being intentional with your parenting is what helps create kind, compassionate children who grow into kind, compassionate adults. Nurturing your[...]
Caring for a Sick Child
Many parents fear sickness and run to the doctor right away - but you can almost always care for your[...]
Healthy Teeth
Join me in class for keeping teeth healthy - naturally! We'll also discuss curing tooth decay naturally. This is must-have[...]
The Natural Medicine Cabinet
Here's what you should have on hand to handle the everyday aches, pains, bumps, bruises, and inevitable fevers that come[...]
How to sleep like a baby - while your baby sleeps like a baby! We cover co-sleeping safety and how[...]
Being Enough
Join me in class for a sensitive, realistic plan to be the mama you want to be your little ones[...]
Stopping Pain in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Imagine waking up in the morning without pain, without your hips popping, without your back aching! Would you feel more[...]
The Ups and Downs
Sometimes pregnancy is tough – and life with a baby and young children is often very tough. Parenting is a[...]
Managing Motherhood
Ever feel like you can't get everything done? This is the Smart Mama's guide to Managing Motherhood (and life). Class[...]
Elimination Communication
Are our babies really completely unaware of when they need to go? Do they truly have complete lack of control[...]
Building Baby’s Microbiome
A child with a healthy gut, who is free of pain, auto-immune problems, and who has energy and focus is[...]
Perfect Prenatal Nutrition
This class will cover not just the what and why, but also the how – as in how to make[...]
Building a Rich and Abundant Milk Supply
These lessons focus on helping you boost your milk supply and create rich, nourishing milk. Many people will tell you[...]
Supplements for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and TTC
Understanding all the supplements takes the “mystery” out of walking down the health food store aisles (or browsing –[...]
Breastfeeding Made Simple
If you’re hoping to enjoy that blissful, bonding nursing experience you pictured while pregnant, definitely go through this class! Lots[...]
Handling Anxiety
This 2-part mini-course cover common anxiety issues for parents. Often our anxieties center around child safety and how well we[...]
Rhythm and Routine
Developing a good rhythm and routine to your day goes a long way towards making life with little ones much[...]
Parenting 101
Sometimes we wish kids came with instruction manuals. I'm on #8 and I'm still wishing that 😉 But there are[...]
Little Foodies
This class is all about helping your little one learn to love eating a wide variety of healthy foods :D[...]
Go To Sleep
​This is a powerful class that will not only help your baby and you get more sleep, it will also[...]