Pregnancy Nutrition Tracking App

App Icon-250I found the “9 Months” App on the iTunes appstore and realized it’s a great app for tracking your pregnancy diet! I spent some time using the program, customizing it, etc. The video below shows you how to use it and how to change it if you want to customize it so it’s meeting your pregnancy diet goals.

I would definitely add “salt to taste” as a reminder on the Brewer diet, and I’d also up the protein count as I suggest in the video.

I also realized it after I already made the video, but I forgot to add in “Whole Grains/Starchy Vegetables” when I set up the twin diet demo – so add that category if you’re setting up the twin diet (12 servings a day. Each serving = 1 slice of bread or 1/2 cup starch/grain).

Click here to get the app

Here are some screenshots: