Pain in Childbirth – Part 2 of the Wintergreen Interviews

Does there have to be pain in childbirth?  I believe the answer to that question is “no.”  Do women experience pain in childbirth.  The answer to that is “yes.”  That leads to the next question – is pain in childbirth a bad thing?

There’s a lot of focus on painless birth in the natural birth community right now.  I think that’s a great thing – it helps change talk about birth to something positive.  But I think that women should know that sometimes childbirth does come with pain.  And if you experience pain during birth, it doesn’t make your experience any less than a woman who had a birth with no pain (and even pleasure).

I could write more on this, but for now, listen to the second part of my interview with Wintergreen from Common Knowledge Trust.  She and I discuss the issue of pain during childbirth – and we talk about the “work” of birth and how all women can do it (no matter what the situation).

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