High Blood Pressure

I’ve put together the MamaBaby Birthing Guide to PIH – to help you understand exactly why blood pressure is important during pregnancy (because it is), what’s “normal,” and what you can do when things start to move outside of that range.

Class Recording


[s3file s3url=”/MBB2/Week1/brewer_diet_servings_chart.pdf” s3bucket=”mamababy-birthing” s3bucketregion=”us-east-1″ s3expiry=”10000″ newtab=”yes” ]Brewer Diet Chart[/s3file] – This excellent chart is an easy-to-use daily tracker. Print on two pages and laminate front to back (or print on a double-sided page if your printer can print duplex). Then use a dry-erase marker to cross off your daily servings. The back of your chart gives helpful ideas for what foods make a serving in each category. I love this chart!

Margo Blackstone’s Hypertension Recording – as I mentioned on the call, this is a clinical lecture, but may be interesting if you want to dig deeper.