Handling a Long Labor

You can take steps right now to prepare for an awesome natural birth – to reduce the chances of a long labor, and to prepare to handle whatever labor brings… and however long it takes

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Useful Resources

My interview with Dr. Buckley – this will help you understand the right environment for labor. Labor is more likely to go smoother with the right environment, and if it is long, you need the support of this space.

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Position in the Womb – What each baby position means and how it can impact your birthing time.

Spinning Babies – a good resource for getting baby lined up

The Miles Circuit – this is an option for helping baby to move into a good position while still being able to rest. It can be combined with some rebozo sifting – see video below.

Rebozo Sifting
This can help move baby into a better position, especially if mama is on hands and knees. The video is in a hospital setting, but this technique can be used anywhere: