Guide to Miscarriage: Part 1

A little bit of the Q&A portion of the recording was cut off, but the entirety of the class is there!

Helpful Links

Lost Innocents – site mentioned in the class. From an Orthodox Christian perspective, but with excellent information on miscarriage and choosing to miscarry naturally (with tips on knowing when to go in) – please note there are photographs on the website. I think they are beautiful, but I want you to know that they are there.

How to Prevent Group B Strep – my GBS article, mentioned in the Q&A segment. I would study these tips, regardless of causes of miscarriage, especially if you intend to TTC again. Cultivating good “vaginal floraculture” has benefits for conception and all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for your and future babies’ lifelong health.

Miscarriage Series

Guide to Miscarriage: Part 1
The Emotions of Miscarriage
TTC and Pregnancy After Miscarriage