A Collection of Birth Videos

Landon's water birth video

This set of birth videos is particularly inspiring. Make sure you watch the last one – a beautiful teenage mother giving birth naturally.

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Beautiful Self-Direct Hospital Birth

This is a lovely “hands off” hospital birth where the mother is able to fully follow her body and her baby’s lead. Wonderful, gentle birth.

River’s Birth

Empowering home waterbirth. Mom calmly breathes and talks baby out. Birthing in hands and knees position. This is one of those birth videos where Dad is mildly annoying!

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Water Birth Baby

Mom works hard and has her baby in water. Mom labors in the “runner’s pose” right up until baby’s birth, when she switches to a squat. Watch the beautiful transition for baby and elation for mama!

Teenage Mom’s Wonderful Birth Video – Chase’s Birth

I love this video. I was a teenage mother, and I had a natural birth (if you’re a teen mom, you can do it, just like she and I did – we aren’t anything special!). Beautiful Birth Center Birth. Young 18 year old mother in labor for over 24 hours has a natural waterbirth.

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